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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  September 7, 2012 9:30am-10:30am PDT

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funding for this program [with captioning] was provided by: additional funding is provided by: and: narrator: each video episode has three parts. watch the program, read your book, discuss the program and...
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rebecca: ♪ that would be enough, enough for me ♪ ♪ everybody needs a dream catcher ♪ ♪ catch me! funding for this program [with captioning] was provided by: additional funding is proded by: and:
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narrator: each video episode has three parts. watch the program, read your book, discuss the program and... rebecca: ♪ that would be enoug enghor me ♪ ♪ everybody needs a eam catcher ♪ ♪ catch me! do you still want the job?
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i'd love it, mrs. wasngton. call me emma. you're hired. thank you. sure, no proem. look, you'll need to fill out these forms, bring them in tomorrow. no problem. you'll have to say whether you're an american citizen, a permanent resident, or if you have a work permit. i'm a citizen. oh, and you'll need to bring some identification. do you have a passport or something? ah... birth certificate, uh, let's see... a social security card? oh, i have a social security card and a driver's license, too. as long as it's a photo license. you'll need that or a state i.d. card. i have a photo license. it's from massachusetts. that fine. let me see, what else? oh, have you ever been convicted of a felony? not recently... just kidding. o.k. well, if there's anything else, we'll deal with it tomorrow. you need to be here at 2:30. the ildren arrive at 3:00 sharp. congratulations, ms. casey. welcome aboard. alex, who's picking you up? my dad.
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how come you have books? i go to school, too. i have a lot of homework tonight. i have a big test tomorrow. uh-oh. what's it on? spelling. ugh. do you want me to help you study while you're waiting for your dad? o.k. "island." that's easy-- i-s-l-a-n-d. right. "medicine." m-e-d-e... i mean, m-e-d-i-c-i-n-e. good! what do you study in school? piano, music theory, composing on computer, stuff like that. ramón: hi, pal. hi, dad. how'd it go? i got the job. thanks for telling me about it. you're welcome. dad, can we give ms. casey a ride home? sure. oh, that's o.k. i can take the bus. no, i insist, please. car's right over there. thanks.
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there you go. thank you. alex: dad, can i take guitar lessons with ms. casey? not now, alex. we'll talk about it later. sit back and buckle up. sorry, i had a bad day. listen, you don't have to drive me home. really, i can take the bus. no, it's no big deal. these flowers just arrived for you. r me? who are they from? don't know. what does the card say? "save saturday for me. "something big is happening. alberto." wow, they're beautiful. yes, they're lovely. guess we'll put them in water.
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( alarm clock beeping ) ( telephone ringing ) hello? hi, dad. it's me. oh, rebecca, how are you? oh, i'm fine. how are you? i've never been better. good, i'm so glad to hear that. kevin and i are getting along just fine. uh... he got a raise at work. he got a raise already? good for him. so, how are things out there?
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i bet you ss your old ro. oh, my room out here is nice. but the people are different, right, not like boston? no, everyone here's been great. the people in the house are very interesting. yeah, i bet. ( coughing ) are you all right? like i said, i'm fine. just a frog in my throat. so how's school? school? it's pretty tough, dad. it's a lot of work. thomas: bill, i understand you have already some experience with this instrument. so i'd like to ask you to demonstrate for us right now. ( playing bluesy melody ) o.k., bill, thank you very much. so, rebecca, you've had some experience with this already. come on, why don't you show us what you've got.
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o.k., here goes. ( begins playing "travelin' blues" ) it's coming, it's getting better. i think you just need to work on that a little bit more. o.k., watch me. you're going to keep your eye on the ball, then get your body behind the glove and scoop it up like this. o.k.? and then bobble the ball so it won't get past you. wow, ms. casey, you're pretty good! they used to call me "mighty casey." do you know the poem, "casey at bat?" kids: no. it's a famous poem about baseball. casey's team lost because he struck out. let's see... i used to know this really well: "somewhere the sun is shining, somewhere the children shout, but there iç no joy in mudville, mighty casey has struck out." alex: hey-- he has the same name as you. right. we caseys are baseball legends. do you want to try, alicia?
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sure. o.k. there you go. nice, alicia. that's it. want to try, alex? o.k., remember, keep your eye on the ball. that's o.k., you just need a little practice. want to try again? o.k. nice going! ( kids cheering ) emma: congratulations. you're doing a splendid job. keep up the good work. i try to remember what interested me at their age. i liked to do things, not stand around and watch. how did you get so good at sports? my mother died when i was young,
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so i spent a lot of time with my dad-- a real sports fan. we used to play ball a lot and he'd coach me in the park. well, it comes in handy here. o.k. everybody, come over here! thanks for telling rebecca about the opening here. i think she'll work out just fine. from what alex tells me, she really understands kids. it certainly looks that way. alex wants to take guitar lessons with her. i'm thinking about settg it up. that's a great idea. i'm sure she'll be good at that, too and i know she needs the money. emma: all right! all right! ramón: that was a nichit. i saw that. it was great. did you see the catch i made? noi got here a little late. how do you like your new coach? pretty good. can we get some ice cream, dad? o.k. you still want to take guitar lsons with ms. casey?
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that'd be great. y, d, do you know "casey at the bat?" uh... the poem? ye ms. casey recited the poem for us today. "'cause mighty casey has struck out." she and mighty casey are baseball legends. ( chuckles ) ramón: there she is. wait here. i'll go ask her about the guitar lessons. alex: ms. casey knows uncle alberto? yes, they're... friends. oh well, i'll talk to her another time. come on, slugger-- i think i'll have some ice cream, too. thank you very much for the flowers. they're beautiful. you're welcome.
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so, are you free saturday? what's the surprise? there's a gallery opening i'd like to take you to. i would love to go, but i'm swamped with homework. i'll pick you up at 4:00 and have you home by 8:00. how's that? that sounds fine. this probably sounds strange to you, but... i've never been to a gallery opening before. what's it like? all you have to do is stand around, um... look at the art, schmooze a little, drink wine, eat tiny sandwiches. and it's usually good people-watching. well, what should i wear? well, people will be sort of dressed up. oh, i don't know if i have anything dressy. no, don't worry, you'll... you'll be fine. and you'll be pleasantly surprised. i'm sure i will.
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speaker: rebecca got the job. do you still want the job? i'd love it, mrs. washington. call me emma. you're hired. thank you. she really impresses alex and vincent teaching them to play softball at the after-school program. they start really liking her. and then bobble the ball so it won't get past you. wow, ms. casey, you're pretty good! alberto invited rebecca to a gallery opening. so, are you free saturday? what's the surprise? there's a gallery opening i'd like to take you to. rebecca calls her father. he did not sound very well. ( coughing ) are you all right? like i said, i'm fine. most men don't like to talk about their weaknesses. why not? well, because that's the way they grew up. they were taught not to show emotion. yes, but it's still... i mean, sharing is something very important.
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that's how people can get close to you. of course it's important. why did you and mom have to get divorced? we've talked about this before, alex. your mom and i changed. we can't be together anymore. is that why she got married again? your mother wanted... she and norman... i don't know why she got married again. are you going to get married again? only if i meet the right person. but for now, it's just you and me, o.k.? o.k. don't forget, this weekend you're with your mother. i wish you could come, too. thanks, but i don't think so.
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ramón: hello, mama. anything new? i'm tired. maybe it's really time to retire. yes, it won't be long before you can sit back and relax. sounds too good to be true. any mail? yes, a letter came for you. i left it next to the cash register. oh, and alberto is trying to reach you. what does he want? he didn't say. he'll call back tomorrow. is alex at christine's? yeah... i don't believe it. i knew something was up! bad news? it's from christine's lawyer. what does your ex-wife want now? she and her nw husband are moving to los angeles. los angeles? good riddance. she wants alex to go live with her. ay, no me digas eso. alex belongs here, with his family, his friends.
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you have to stop her. i agree, but what can i do? she's his mother, he loves her. of course, but he loves his father, too. alex is just a child. he needs you. he needs you to be strong for him now. i'll die if i lose alex. what are you doing? calling christine. chris? this is ramón. i got a letter from your lawyer today. i think we'd better talk.
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all these photographs are by local artists. some of then are quite good, aren't they? mm-hmm. hi, how are you? this is rebecca casey. woman: hi, nice to meet you, rebecca. alberto: nice seeing you again. hope you have a good time. i especially like this one here, let me show you. woman: hello, alberto. oh, hey! how are you? alberto. you look beautiful. woman: thank you. introduce me to your friend. oh, yes. diana marshall, this is rebecca casey. diana's one of the architects at my firm. very nice to meet you. nice to meet you. and this is my friend bob greenwood. bob, rebecca. it's a very nice opening, don't you think? yes, um, some of the photographs are quite striking. you know, you look so familiar to me. have we met? rebecca: i don't think so.
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i just realized-- you're the woman in the... no. sorry! she doesn't...? i don't what? no, not yet. it's a surprise. why don't you come with me. nice to meet you. alberto: nice seeing you. bye-bye. rebecca: alberto mendoza! your photographs are part of this exhibit? that's the surprise. oh, alex and ramón. what a stunning picture. that picture looks like it's drawing quite a crowd. what is it? oh, my gosh! it's me!
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well, what do you think? it looks... it looks like... like one of america's pioneer women-- full of adventure, full of fire, a little pain and dreams. it looks like i just rolled out of bed. no, not at all. you see what i called it? dream catcher. i got you home so late. but it was worth it, wasn't it? ooh, i'm going to have to pull an all-nighter. but i must admit, i enjoyed the opening and i loved your pictures, alberto, especially the one of little alex. you were the star of the evening.
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i suppose i should start my homework. when will i see you again? maybe next week. for you. what's this? go ahead, open it. oh, alberto, the dream catcher! thank you, that's very kind of you. i won't have any more bad dreams now, right? right, it just lets the good dreams through.
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bye. bye. well, we have been thinking about retiring but, uh, alberto, that's a lot of money. are you sure these investors are serious? they're very serious. i checked with their bank, and the money's there. but is it a good idea to sell the restaurant? well, it makes me nervous, very nervous. ramón, speak up. i don't think we should sell. this restaurant has been in the family for 30 years. it's not only our business; it's our home. i disagree with ramón.
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my argument is simple: sell and take the money. we can always build a restaurant somewhere else. don't you want to retire without worrying about money? yes. ramón, you'll need the money to pay for alex's education-- to buy your own home. your father and i don't need a lot of money. one can never have enough. the restaurant makes enough to take care of all of us. but why work so hard, ramón? i like hard work, good, hard work. what does that mean? nothing. this would give you more time with alex. we may never get an offer like this again. alberto, your mother and i need to discuss this some more. ramón, you'd better take alex to his picnic, huh? we'll talk again soon, huh? excuse me.
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ramón, listen. we'll blow this deal if mom and dad don't say yes right away. i'm telling you, the investors will walk. it doesn't seem like the right move to me. there's nothing i can do. you can change your mind! if you do, mom and dad will sell in a minute. i doubt that. alex: dad! we got to go! hold your horses, i'm coming. you know, you're losing a chance of a lifetime. that's your opinion. i'm sorry, alberto. i've got to go. we'll talk later. enjoy your picnic, alex. i will. bye, uncle alberto. ramón, do me a favor... give this note to rebecca, will you? you serious about her? don't you know, ramón? i'm always serious. i'm a serious guy.
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ahorita vuelvo. voy a darle una mano al cocinero. mama, you look beautiful! that's what you tell all the girls? absolutely not! only you, mama, only you. you're so silly. why are you in such a happy mood? because when we sell this place, we'll be on easy street. you are in love! i'm always in love, mama. what's her name? carmen mendoza! my mama. ah, you're so silly. ramón received a letter from his ex-wife's lawyer. it's from christine's lawyer. what does your ex-wife want now? she and her new husband are moving to los angeles. los angeles.
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ramón, alberto and their parents are in the restaurant having a discussion about whether they should sell the restaurant or not. uh, alberto, that's a lot of money. are you sure these investors are serious? they're very serious. alberto wants to sell, ramón doesn't. the parents don't really know what to do at this point. but is it a good idea to sell the restaurant? alberto invited rebecca to a gallery opening. speaker: there are many sophisticated people. speaker: i'm not sure that rebecca is feeling very comfortable with this crowd. alberto seems to be having a great time. rebecca is really surprised to find herself in alberto's picture. oh, my gosh! it's me! she looks really great. and she appears larger than life and stunning. alberto takes rebecca home and gives her a dream catcher.
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oh, alberto, the dream catcher! thank you. speaker: and he kisses her with real passion. it's not that passionate. you think so? of course. it seems very passionate to me. they're just, they're just friends. they're not even "dating," you know. they're not into this passionate state. well, that is, that is... alberto is leading to that. he's dreaming. he's dreaming a lot and he's playing with fire because he could hurt that woman or that woman could hurt him. emma: hi, vincent! hi. hi, guys, how are you? good. emma: lot of fun today! the caption center wgbh educational foundation]
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patty: filing for social security online is a lot easier than relearning the watusi!


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